Rabu, 10 Agustus 2011

I love when my tumblr's reblogged by others :)

I think this is my first time to get more than 1 notes for my tumblr in a day. Yeah, its true. I'm not the exist one who their post always get liked or reblogged by the "world". I know 25 notes is not a big number but it's my first time to get that notes number !

It's because my "Mess Up with Harry Potter" pics. Like I describe it in other post (check my other post if you want to know). Those things successfully make my tumblr being liked and reblogged by others :D

I wanna put some screenshots of what happened in my tumblr but it looks like the number is going to increase again (I hope it would be) and I wanna take a screenshot on the highest number. it's kinda not important

So, just wait ....................................................... Oh maaaaaaan ! Tonight connection is so f***in sloooooooooooooooooow !!!!!!! maybe I'll finish this post in the morning. I want to take a lil nap. I'LL BE BACK ! <;-- it was very anoying part of this post

Ok ! It's what I've got

now, that Severus Snape pics got 5 notes

what's goin' on

another screenshot

most noted !

another screenshot

Check http://abaycosalpha.tumblr.com !!
"Corrected by Dyta Muffa"


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