Senin, 05 Juli 2010

About Me

Hello ! This is Abay speaking !
I’m the guy behind this awesome site. Here are my bio :

Name : Mohammad Aidil Akbar (I proud with my name because it comes with our prophet name on it)
Nick Name : Abay (everybody knew…)
Birthday : 2nd March, 1995
School : Pekanbaru 8 Governmental High School, 3rd year
Country : Indonesia Raya (proud being yours :*)
Status : In a middle of Familyzoned
Interest : Music, RPG, Pump It Up
Wannabe : Song writer, Singer
Color : Red is awesome. Blue is calm
Foods : Fried Rice, Burger, Fried Chicken (So many fried things) and Ice Cream !!!
Drinks : Cola, Chocolate Milk
More : Me? Nothing. They? Everything. Me with they is like... anything :)
I think that’s all, if you wanna know more about me just ask me on a comment form or anyway you like on Say Hi Here page. See ya :D


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