Senin, 05 Juli 2010

Contact Me

You can find me on another sites by clicking the colorful banner on right side ;;) or if you want to find me with manual ways you can search :

Facebook : Abay Mohammad (not just me who use this name, but you can type my username on address bar : abaycosalpha)
Twitter : @abaycosalpha (a little “bacot” :p)
Formspring : abaycoslpha (so many question there)
Blogger : Abay Mohammad
Tumblr : abaycosalpha (I'm newbie)
Youtube : abaycosalpha (just a few videos but I will keep uploading)
Cellufun : abaycosalpha (I seldom visit it in last 1 year :D)
Adventure Quest World : Alphabay (it’s my first account, still leveling up, I’m a noob on this game -.-“)
Yahoo! Messenger : duniabaru_abay (invite me !)
Google Talk : abaycosalpha (invite me too !)
MSN : abaycoslapha (invite me too !(too !))
Blackberry Messenger : ******** (ask me if you want to know)
Nice to know you all :D *kisshugpoke


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