Senin, 01 Agustus 2011

Call me Abay Monster

I got my "Monster" from someone that I can't wrote her name here. Let's call her Dekmut. #ups. She made me little mad, angry, upset or any word that show that I'm not in a good mod. Just a little very very little ! I can't even angry with her.

First way I wanna show my "not-in-a-good-mood" is changing my twitter name to Abay Monster and changing my avatar to a monster-me. Then I post some monster-thing on my tumblr. She said an apologize to me, she send me a message "please tell me when you're not angry anymore". I'm not angry with her but I just want to get a piece of time to be a "jutek" person. *jutek means ... what it means ... hmm ... its kinda you reply someone message with a single word with no emoticons. ya, something like that*

It's what I post on my tumblr :

Me. Yeah, I'm a monster <-- it's my twitter avatar

Come to my house ! Open for 24 hours. If you brave enough

My pet. Slicer. He was as scary as me 10 years ago. But since he ate “canmakeyoubecomeunevil plum”, he became cuter -__-  <-- kind of 'galau' thing

My faves !
-_______________- forget about it -________________- I think we're (I and her) okay now. Bye thanks for reading :D


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