Selasa, 23 November 2010

Note : November 22, 2010

Note: Dear alpha blog, i just wanna say "I really happy today" why? Because one of my '10 wishes in 10' is came true ! Guess one ?! Yap, that was "I have a girlfriend" now. Ouwouwo, she is my first girl friend i ever had, oh god ! Thanks so much ! Do you wanna know who is her? Choose one a. Joshua Ang b. Sule Sutarma c. Yoshe Larissa Ulfa. With you own heart absolutely you will choose c. Yoshe Larissa Ulfa ! Yeah !
She called OCI for short :) she is small and cute girl ! It's like a dream that "I already have a girlfriend" BIG WOW ! She's my first girlfriend and i hope we will together forever amien !
I just wanna say "I love you" :)

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