Senin, 08 Oktober 2012

New look of my blog!

I don't know, but I think I need to get a new look for my blog. It's brand new season. No more childish (?) one, now I grown up (?) Hahaha lol. No, not that serious. I just mean to refresh the blog look with my favorite color pattern. Yea, Red-Yellow-Green. I think you saw it before as a Reggae Music color symbol or anything linked with that. It doesn't mean I love Reggae music. 

The first reason why I love this color pattern because I like one of their color. Yap, Red. And the other? I don't know, I think Red, Green, and Yellow is the world most-see color pattern. It's also appear in rainbow colors. The last one, I saw this color pattern often wore by my idol, Ha Dong Hoon. He is a singer from Korea. Day by day my loveness (?) to this color keep increasing. And now I'm in love with them. Now I'm trying to collect items with the color. I have the two bracelets and a belt. I'm looking for the shirt, hat, and shoes now. But I know it'll cost much money. Hahahaha, why did I wrote such a thing?

Okay, let's compare the old one and new one. Which is better? Idk, you are the reviewers, not me ;)

The old one. Space themed Header with cartoonized me and Comic background.

The new one. My Rasta (?) color Header with the picture of me and again the red-yellow-green background. The color of text is changed also.
It's not finished yet. I want to re-color some element of the home page. But it's quite late now, 1:03 AM and my eyes still wide open but my body keep telling me to take a rest. Bye for now, hope you like the new look of my blog. Good night :)


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