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Cheat Pokemon Sapphire

Combos for Pokemon Contests
The following are combos for pokemon contests.
1. Use CHARGE and any of the following: Shockwave, Spark, Thunder, Thunder wave, Thunderbolt, Thunder punch, or Thundershock.
EX. Charge and Spark

2. Use CHARM and any of the following: Flatter, Growl, Rest, Sweet kiss, or Tail whip.
EX. Charm and Rest

3. Use CONFUSION and any of the following: Future sight, Kinesis, Physic, or Teleport.
EX. Confusion and Physic

4. Use CURSE and any of the following: Destiny bond, Grudge, Mean look, or Spite.
EX. Curse and Spite

5. Use DEFENSE CURL and any of the following: Roll out, or Tackle.
EX. Defense curl and Tackle.

6. Use DIVE and SURF.

7. Use DOUBLE TEAM and any of the following: Agility, Quick attack, or Teleport.
EX. Double team and Quick attack.

8. Use SUNNY DAY and any of the following: Blaze kick, Ember, Eruption, Fire blast, Fire punch, Fire spin, Flamethrower, Heat wave, Moonlight, Morning sun, Overheat, Solarbeam, Synthesis, Weather ball, or Will-O-wisp.
EX. Sunny day and Weather ball.

9. Use RAIN DANCE and any of the following: Bubble, Bubblebeam, Clamp, Crabhammer, Dive, Hydropump, Muddy water, Surf, Thunder, Wataer gun, Water pulse, Water sport, Water spout, Waterfall, Weather ball, or Whirlpool.
EX. Rain dance and Muddy water.

10.Use GROWTH and any of the following: Absorb, Bullet seed, Giga drain, Magical leaf, Mega drain, Petal dance, Razor leaf, or Solarbeam.
Ex. Growth and Solarbeam.

2 everstones
thats right 2 one u know about and one u don't. the first one is the 3rd room and in the rocks on that platform. now to get the second one get a mach bike and fly or surf or somehow get back to dewford then go to the mud slide in the 2nd room. go up it then get past all of the pit falls until u get all of the way across to the right where there is a ladder. then go to the ladder and u'll end up in another room. there is a pile of rocks there. and "viola" 2 everstones.

3 Starting Pokemon
Here are the Staarting Pokemon you get in the Game.

Grass Type
Treecko, Lv.5

Evolves into
Groovyle Lv.16
Sceptile Lv.36

Water Type
Mukip, Lv.5

Evolves into
Marshtomp lv.16
Swampert Lv. 36

Fire Type
Torchic, Lv.5

Evolves into
Combusken Lv.16
Blaziken Lv.36

A little tip to make Latios/Latias appear. (if your in the same area)
Ok, say Latias, or Latios (depends on game) is in the same area as you are, then you search all around, then he fleds away and you never get a chance to catch him. Well, just use Sweet Scent! Sweet Scent has a 85.7% chance of having Latios attack you, if your in the same area.

a move you got to teach kyogre
you all know kyogres ability drizzle right?, well that means rain, and for those of you that dont know, thunder never misses in the rain unless your opponent is a ground type, and it just so happens kyogre can learn thunder

the rest is self explanitory, teach thunder to kyogre

(note) a similar combo can be used with solarbeam and groudon
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Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: weregarurumon lover on October 13, 2008
Additional Everstones!
Are you looking to keep a precious Pokemon of yours from evolving without constantly canceling the evolution after leveling up, but you're already using the two Everstones you get in the game? Well, just go out and battle wild Geodudes while using Thief or just catch them! Each wild Geodude has a 5% chance of holding an Everstone, so it can take a while to get extras, but you don't have to keep moving an Everstone from Pokemon to Pokemon when you get some extras.
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Verified by: luckejessica, Tycrazy710 Submitted by: Chaos Swordsman on January 13, 2007
All Secret Base/Your Room Items
Small Table Fotree City 3000 Gold
Pokemon Table Fotree City 3000 Gold
Heavy Table Fotree City 6000 Gold
Ragged Table Fotree City 6000 Gold
Comfort Table Fotree City 6000 Gold
Bricks Table Fotree City 9000 Gold
Hard Table Fotree City 9000 Gold
Camp Table Fotree City 9000 Gold

Small Chair Fotree City 2000 Gold
Pokemon Chair Fotree City 2000 Gold
Heavy Chair Fotree City 2000 Gold
Ragged Chair Fotree City 2000 Gold
Comfort Chair Fotree City 2000 Gold
Brick Chair Fotree City 2000 Gold
Hard Chair Fotree City 2000 Gold
Camp Chair Fotree City 2000 Gold

Surf Mat Lilicove City dept store 4000 Gold
Thunder Mat Lilicove City dept store 4000 Gold
Fire Blast Mat Lilicove City dept store 4000 Gold
Powder Snow Mat Lilicove City dept store 4000 Gold
Attract Mat Lilicove City dept store 4000 Gold
Fissure Mat Lilicove City dept store 4000 Gold
Spikes Mat Lilicove City dept store 4000 Gold
Glitter Mat Lilicove City dept store 2000 Gold
Jump Mat Lilicove City dept store 2000 Gold
Spin Mat Lilicove City dept store 2000 Gold

Ball Poster Lilicove City dept store 2000 Gold
Green Poster Lilicove City dept store 2000 Gold
Red Poter Lilicove City dept store 2000 Gold
Blue Poster Lilicove City dept store 2000 Gold
Cute Poster Lilicove City dept store 2000 Gold
Pika Poster Lilicove City dept store 2000 Gold
Long Poster Lilicove City dept store 2000 Gold
Sea Poster Lilicove City dept store 2000 Gold
Sky Poster Lilicove City dept store 2000 Gold

Pichu Lilicove City dept store 2000 Gold
Pikachu Lilicove City dept store 2000 Gold
Marril Lilicove City dept store 2000 Gold
Jiiglypuff Lilicove City dept store 2000 Gold
Duskull Lilicove City dept store 2000 Gold
Waynaut Lilicove City dept store 2000 Gold
Baltoy Lilicove City dept store 2000 Gold
Kecleon Lilicove City dept store 2000 Gold
Azzurill Lilicove City dept store 2000 Gold
Skitty Lilicove City dept store 2000 Gold
Swablu Lilicove City dept store 2000 Gold
Gulpin Lilicove City dept store 2000 Gold
Treecko Mauville City Casino 1000 Coins
(20000 Poke)
Torchic Mauville City Casino 1000 Coins
(20000 Poke)
Mudkip Mauville City Casino 1000 Coins
(20000 Poke)
Wailmer Sootopolis City (given by someone) -
Lotad Given by Lanette (Sapphire) -
Seedot Given by Lanette (Ruby) -

Pika Skin Lilicove City dept store 2000 Gold
Round Lilicove City dept store 2000 Gold
Zigzag Lilicove City dept store 2000 Gold
Spin Lilicove City dept store 2000 Gold
Diamond Lilicove City dept store 2000 Gold
Pokeball Lilicove City dept store 2000 Gold
Grass symbol Lilicove City dept store 2000 Gold
Fire Symbol Lilicove City dept store 2000 Gold
Water Symbol Lilicove City dept store 2000 Gold

Red Plant Flower Shop near Petalburg Woods 3000 Gold
Tropical Plant Flower Shop near Petalburg Woods 3000 Gold
Pretty Flowers Flower Shop near Petalburg Woods 3000 Gold
Colourful Plant Flower Shop near Petalburg Woods 5000 Gold
Big Plant Flower Shop near Petalburg Woods 5000 Gold
Gorgeous Plant Flower Shop near Petalburg Woods 5000 Gold

Red Brick Slateport Market 500 Gold
Blue Brick Slateport Market 500 Gold
Yellow Brick Slateport Market 500 Gold
Red Baloon Slateport Market 500 Gold
Blue Baloon Slateport Market 500 Gold
Yellow Baloon Slateport Market 500 Gold
C Low Mat Slateport Market 500 Gold
D Mat Slateport Market 500 Gold
E Mat Slateport Market 500 Gold
F Mat Slateport Market 500 Gold
G Mat Slateport Market 500 Gold
A Mat Slateport Market 500 Gold
B Mat Slateport Market 500 Gold
C high mat Slateport Market 500 Gold
Blue Tent Trick House final prize (Sapphire) -
Red Tent Trick House final prize (Ruby)

Note: There are a few more items not listed.

All three starters
This requires 2 game versions of Ruby, Sapphire, or Emerald. They can be 2 different versions. Start a game. Choose any of the 3 starters. Go through the normal steps. Defeat your rival. Catch any other pokemon. Trade your starter to the other version. Then do it again, but with a different starter. Then do it one more time. Choose the last starter. Defeat your rival and then catch any 2 pokemon.Trade those 2 pokemon for the other starters on the other versions, and tadaa! All three starters. It also allows you to collect trainer ID's for the Lilycove Department store's lottery. This works for pretty much any pokemon game as long as you use the proper game to trade to.

Another easy way to catch Rayquaza
First you will need your Kyogre on level 50-53.Any higher you will kill him. You have to use Ice Beam. You will need to freeze him. There is about a 57.2% you will freeze him.SAVE BEFORE FIGHTING HIM. If you are lucky and freeze him and his health is at red, throw an Ultra Ball. There is a very high chance you will catch him, so you will not need Master Ball. Keep throwing Ultra Balls until he is caught. If you do not catch him you will need to start over.

Another Thief Item
For Ninja Boy Laos, thief his weezing and you get a smoke ball.

Another way to catch Latias
Get a Wobbuffet to at least level 50 and/or another Pokémon with ANY move that can keep her from fleeing. Go to Route 120/121 and walk into the grass. Save here and walk around until you find Latias. Don't expect to catch her now unless you saved your Master Ball. Whittle her HP down a bit, and save again after the battle. (If you didn't find her, skip this step.) Restart your game and check your Pokédex for her. (If you didn't find her before, don't worry- you don't have to do this until you have done the previous step.)If she's in your area, look for her, and if you find her, repeat what you did the first time you saw her. If she isn't, restart your game and check your Pokédex for her. Keep restarting and finding her until you catch her. This works in Ruby (w/Latios), Sapphire, and Emerald (w/whichever one you picked).
attack own character
when you are in a 2 on 2 battle if you keep clicking right, you can select to attack your second pokemon, wierd huh?

Baby Wobbuffet
First of all save the game! When you get the egg from the springs (near flanerries gym) look at the nature and if the nature is not rash then turn off the game boy and keep on looking at the nature until its rash.

If the nature is rash then not only will it hatch sooner, it will evolve sooner too and learn a move that it would originally not learn.

bagon + hydro pump
Did you know that bagon can learn hydro pump oh yes.But you must have a female bagon and a male gyaradfos that knows hydro pump.put them in the day care go round come back. hatch the egg and wola you have a bagon well should that knows hydro pump

Battle Tower
To do well in the battle tower, there are some good pokemon to use.

Wobbaffet, because it can counter/mirrorcoat any move, and the computerised opponent is easy to predict.

Milotic, It can use hypnosis and can sweep as well as being tanky.

Salamence, It covers all your weaknesses and is fast.

Make Salamnce hold scope lense, Wobbaffet leftovers, and Milotic lum berry.

Battling Latias/Latios again
some people may know you can only fight latias/latios once. but after you battle them look on your pokedex go to latias/latios then go to area it will show you where it is. just do this after every battle to make it keep appearing

Beat the pokemon league with Swampert
Train your Swampert around Lv 85. Teach it surf, muddy water, earthquake, and Blizard. In order use these moves on sidney in order: muddy water,earthquake, earthquake, muddy water, blizzard. Use these moves on Phoebe in order: muddy water, muddy water, surf, surf, surf. Use these moves on Glacia in order: surf, earthquake, earthquake, muddy water, earthquake. Use these moves on drake in order: earthquake, blizard, muddy water, muddy water, blizzard. Use these moves on Steven in order: surf, surf, earthquake, surf, earthquake, earthqake. Your the champion now Yaaaaaaaa whooooooooopie call all your friends and have a party this is inportant. I kept pokemon league untill my swampert got to Lv 100 u should to. When you get to the credits just press a,b, select and start and the game will start over. ( don't worrie you can still work on the game your working on) Go do something important like catch raquazza and latias.

p.s. get cool pokemon for the hall of fame picture
p.p.s Get all your pokemon to level 100 by doing that.

that's all for now bye
Beating Norman
OK, some people find it really hard to beat Norman (your dad), so here\'s a great strategy. Pokemon required:

Any second evoloution starter (around level 30)

A pokemon that knows counter that\'s atleast level 29. (Like breloom)

Start with the pokemon that knows counter. (I used breloom). When use counter on the first turn. His slaking will most likely use facade, which does massive damage, and counter doubles it! So that takes care of slaking. Next he will use Virogoth, so take out your star starter. He\'s not too hard, just keep attacking him, and use a super potion/hyper potion if you need to.
Lastly he\'ll use another slaking. So take out your counter pokemon. He\'ll have yellow health, so i suggest using a potion. This slaking is easier, because he doesn\'t use facade nearly as much. DO NOT USE COUNTER. Because this slaking mostly uses the focus punch, (It has to tighten it\'s focus first.) so if you don\'t use something that inflicts damage on it without it having to attack, the slaking will use focus punch, which completely and utterly knocks out your pokemon!

Ok, so I know these instructions might be sort of hard to follow, but You should beat your dad in no time!

Beating the Master Rank Beauty Contest
To beat the Master Rank Beauty Contest easily, use a Milotic with full beauty(by using blue pokeblocks) and holding a blue scarf.

For it's moves use:

Rain Dance
Ice beam

and during the contest use them in this order:

1st Rain Dance, 2nd Surf, 3rd Hail, 4th Ice beam, 5th Surf

Berry Master's Wife Likes Sweet Phrases!
When you are in Mauville city, cross the river on the route next to this city (with a beach). Go through both patches of grass and enter the Berry Master's house. Talk to his wife and tell her "Challenge Contest" (you can only do that after beating the elite 4) and she will give you a Pamtre berry. Go to Lilycove city and enter the contest hall. You can make an Indigo level 50 pokeblock there with 3 other people in the game without linking up! By the way, indigo level 50 pokeblocks will make a pokemon's beauty attribute VERY high, and it will be easy for you to win a beauty contest.

Breed any pokemon...except legendaries of course
Well to breed any type of pokemon you just need to trade a ditto from fire-red or leaf-green. Then, bring the ditto to the day care and just leave it in there (I just keep it in there and it is lvl 80 because there is no reason to take it out.)then bring any pokemon you want to breed (except legendaries of course)so if your friend wanted your starter pokemon you just put the pokemon in the day care and there you go infinite pokemon eggs. I really hope that people thought this wasn't like any of those other really stupid posts....

Breeding Lileep
First of all, get a Lillep. Do this by choosing one of the fossils from the desert ( Not sure which one )and taking to one of the scientists in the Devon Corporation building in Rustboro City. Then get a tentacool, fish with a good or old rod by sea or surf over some water. Then put both of them in The daycare Centre west of Mauville. You'll soon have another Lileep! You could bring back the whole specices!

Breeding Pokemon
Breeding a pokemon is basically taking one male and one female pokemon and breeding them. However, to do so you need to make sure they are in the same egg group and that they are both checked into the Pokemon Daycare located on route 117.

The Egg groups are:
1. Amorphous
2. Bug
3. Dragon
4. Fairy
5. Field
6. Flying
7. Grass
8. Human-Like
9. Mineral
10. Monster
11. Water 1
12. Water 2
13. Water 3

And of course, some rare legendary pokemon don't have and egg group.
You DON'T have to breed the pokemon with a same species. So, you could breed a Delcatty with a Spina since they are both in the Field Egg Group.

When you deposit the two pokemon, go to the old man stading next to the Daycare. He will tell you how your two pokemon are getting along:

They're very friendly... = Expect an egg!
The two seem to get along... = An egg might be coming!
The two don't seem to like each other... = A slim chance for an egg
The two prefer to play with other pokemon... = Not a chance.

Leave him and explore for some time before coming back. If the old man is standing outt further than when you first met him, he has an egg waiting for you. The Daycare lady also will tell you that he is waiting for you. Make sure you have enough room in your party before collecting the egg. You can also retrieve the new parents by checking them out of the Daycare as you would normally. Most likely they wont grow many levels when you get them. MAKE SURE you don't leave them there after you collect your egg! Or else you may find yourself with a dozen eggs!

Some species can give you a special egg. One that contains a rare Pre-evolution that you cannot get anywhere else. Availavle Sapphire Pre-Evs are:

Marill + Marill = AZURILL
Wobbuffet + Wobbuffet = WYNAUT
Pikachu + Pikachu = PICHU
Jiggypuff + Jigglypuff = IGGLYBUFF

If you are not using a twosome that can produce a Pre-Ev, then you will get the evolution below that type:

Grumpig + Grumpig = Spoink
Xatu + Xatu = Natu
And so on...

You can also aquire help from items given to your pokemon. Like Wobbaffet and Marill. To increase the chances of getting a Pre-Ev, give a Lax Incense to a Wobbuffet and a Sea Incense to a Marill.

To hatch the egg, walk around for a looonnnggg time. Eventually it will hatch and you'll name your baby and everything.

Your hatched pokemon gets moves from both parents.

.: Level-Up moves both parents posess have a chance of being passed to the baby.
.: If the Fater knows a TM or HM move, it also could be passed to the hatched pokemon.
.: Baby pokemon automatically learn Egg moves from the Father(not the mother).

The baby pokemon's type takes after it's mother ALWAYS. However, the gender of the hatchling can vary. The baby will ALWAYS start at level 5.

Breeding isn't hard to do, you just need to pair up the right pokemon! Your baby could end up with a powerful move that it's species can't learn! OR wont learn for many levels!


capture latias/latios easy
beat the game get sudowudo then walk around places and there will be one like in lillycove city in the grass on the left side with grass one of them will be there then have sudowudo first then use block and the battle and it will not fled because of block battle and capture

Catch Latias/Latios Simply
Since both Latias and Latios are lv. 40, raise a Spinda to level 23. When it tries to learn Hypnosis, let it. Either raise it to level 40 or raise its speed. When you find Latias/Latios, use Hypnosis and whittle down the hit point while it is asleep. Make sure to use Spinda in case it wakes up!

catch regice, regirock, and registeel!
first you must have relicanth(lv.40), wailord(lv.40) and POKeMON wth a dig.

go to the pacifidlog-slateport if you know the place where there are brailes, go to the last one braile and use dig there, and go to thye last braile and press start and press pokemon and switch relicanth to the first pokemon and read the braile and press B then something will shake then now go to the mysterious rock to the dewford(regice), to the desert near lavaridge(regirock), and lilycove (registeel). That's all I know , I forget the other things to open the room of the regis find another cheat here and I might this cheat will be helpful

Catching Latias
Ok, this is how i caught my latias. Firstly get to mauville (fly wlak, ride doesn't matter). Now go on your pokedex go down to Latias (or Latios, but as i said, not sure if it works). If latias is no were near mauville. then take one of the four paths until a sign saying "route ____" appears. Check your pokedex in case Latios/Latios is in that route. If it is keep searching grass for it. Checking every now and then your pokedex, for the area of Latias. If Latias/Latios wasn't in that route go back into mauville and once again check your pokedex. Keep repeating this procedure until Latias is in your route. Mauville seems to be a good place to do this because there are four routes that latias/latios can appear on. If you find Latias/Latios appears on another town more often then mauville then use that town. But i found mauville was good. I caught my Latias this way in 5 mins, I found it 4 times. And caught it with a luxury ball (i would save master ball for rayqauza (not sure on spelling). If you have a ball that you think wood be better than use it.

Happy Catchins
Poke Lord

Check your surroundings!!!
Sometimes things, such as certain rocks, contain items!!! Some sea rocks have items in them, and so do some brown rocks(don't be folled, none in the safari zone have any). Some even have max revives and rare candies!!! Use you item finder more often!!!

In order to catch chimecho you have to go to mt. pyre near lilycove go to the top (outside) then go to the right. You will find a chimecho there, but this requires a lot of patience i'm still trying to catch it.

Combat Tips.
Here is a list of tips that may help you when you're in a tough situation.

Swagger:Best friend or worst enemy? When you use this move, the target becomes confused, but its attack is increased by immense proportions. This is a really stupid idea against a pokemon with crazy attack to begin with, such as Marowak or Hitmonlee. Although these 2 pokemon will never be encountered in this game, be cautious when you use it on one of the new fighting pokemon, like Hariyama, or Meditite/Medicham after they pump themselves up. But...this could be a good advantage to you if your pokemon is a ghost. You pretty much max your targets attack, but it can't harm you due to your normal, fighting, flying and none special attack resistance.

Encore is the perfect move when your opponent either does something stupid, or boosts their stats. For instance say your opponent used the move Leech Seed. Initiately, the attack will seed you and leech life each turn. But once you're seeded it does nothing, and encore can prevent more damage from being given to you. A few more attacks that do nothing after the initiation are: Helping Hand (Minun/Plusle), Thunder Wave, and Yawn.

Try and cover as many weaknesses as possible. Pokemon like Starmie can almost cover each element. Starmie can learn moves like Thunder, typical water moves, and Psychic moves. Also, watch your double elements. Double elements=Double weaknesses. With pokemon like Relicanth (water/rock), grass does double damage, but Relicanth can cover double the amount of types.

Destiny Bond and Perish Song are near useless if your target is gonna switch out. Try and get a Trapinch with Destiny Bond. Trapinch's passive ability, Arena Trap, prevents switching. Its a guarenteed KO. But say a Graveler, or Weezing is being Destiny Bonded or Perish Songed. Use Self Destruct, and take them down with you, to make at least some effort to screw up their plan. A good strategy, against your friends who would typically throw their best pokemon out first, would be for you to go out with Trapinch and one of his evolutions with Destiny Bond/Perish Song (You'll have to breed to get it.) Right off the bat, their best pokemon is done.

Another good combo would be an accuracy raising combo+an instant KO (sheer cold, fissure). Or, a Starmie with Rain Dance and Thunder. Rain Dance guarentees a hit with Thunder, plus it boosts all water moves. Same sort of combo with solar beam and sunny day. Solar beam takes up only one turn with Sunny Day in effect.

Don't waste a move when your target is in the air, under ground or submerged, use a stat booster, or Surf/Swift. Surf or swift will still give damage to the target, while a stat booster can give you more of an edge for the rest of the battle.

A common strategy for Muk'ers is to Minimize, then blast themselves with stat changes. Use Haze, then hes done. Haze cancels out all stat changes.

as you know corsala is rare and you can only Find it on Route 128

Credits, who needs them?
Sure you can hold down the B button on your GBA, but what is even better is to just shut the game off.

Once you beat Steven and you get past all the hoopla with may and proffesor,he takes you into the champion room. Once you register your pokemon on that contraption of his, you will see a screen that says "SAVING...DO NOT TURN OFF POWER!"...well listen to it, dont turn it off, but once you see its gone and your Pokemon are showing up with their data, shut it off. Once you turn it back on you will be in your room which would happen if you waited out the credits anyways.
Trust me it works, ive beaten the Elite-4 84 times and have never watched the credits.
e-mail me if you like this tip, or if you want some more, i might be able to help.

Cut through that annoying tall grass...
If you have a Pokemon that can use cut out of battle, and you hate tall grass, you're in luck. Go right next to, or in, tall grass. Use cut and the surrounding grass is gone! You can even use it in the grass that you can't ride you're bike in.

Defeating Wallace easily !
When battling the eight gym Leader ( Wallace, Ice-Type pokemon ) use the Pokemon Shedinja. Because of it's Wonder Guard Special ability, it will be protected from every of your opponent's attacks. In fact, the only way it can faint is that Luvdisc uses his Sweet Kiss and confuses him. Prepare a lot of Berries that cures confusion and then, you will defeat him easily.

Delcatty learns no level up moves once it is evolved, so learn any moves you want to on Skitty like Charm, Double Slap and Assist before you evolve it, because you will have no chance to learn them again.

Do Wheeles and Bunny Hops [Acro Bike]
When you get to the bike shop get an acro bike.
Go outside and press b and ride around, or
hold B and you will do a wheeley. If you keep holding B down then you will start to do bunny hops on the bike.

double money
After you battle May for the third time she will tell you to go see your mom after she gives you HM2 fly to littleroot and talk to your mom she will give you the AMULET COIN equip this to your first pokemon defeat a trainer in battle and get twice the money you would normally get

[Mod Edit] The Amulet Coin can be obtained as soon as you defeat Norman.

double your EXP points!!!!
just so you know, doing this as early in the game as possible will help.

Go to the winstrate family.(i have no idea which route, sorry! ^///^)
Beat them then go inside their house.
Talk to the grandma, vicky. (upper right of the table)
She'll give you a MACHO BRACE it'll help with growth and experience, but it also slows down your pokemon so i suggest using some carbos on whoever you equip it to.

this item also has a sister item, EXP. SHARE. you get that by talking the boss of devon corp. give the MACHO BRACE to your strongest pokemon, put it in front, and equip EXP.SHARE to your weakest pokemon.

Easier Catching Pokemon
Have a Pokemon that knows the move "Endeavor". Get into the Pokemon battle that you want to catch, make sure you have only 1 HP left. When you get into a battle with a Pokemon that you want to catch. Use the move "Endeavor". You will get the Pokemon down to 1 HP. Use an Ultra Ball, and you will have a lot better of a chance to catch the Pokemon.

Easy catching of god pokemon(kogre, Rayquaza, Latias, etc...)
Before going into the Cave of Origin save ure game. U have to catch kyogre at all cost without using ure master ball. Bring a pokemon lvl 47+ and bring kyogres lifes down to the red. Now keep using ultra balls and u mght be able to catch him, if not after 10 turns start trowing timer balls which will catch him whith no trouble.

These are the best move for kyogre:
-thunder, tm u can buy in lilycove
-ice beam, he already has it
-Hydro pump, as it too
-Ure choice, i leave body slam because whitout it kyogre runs out of pp very fast.

Now train kyogre during the pokemon league by the time u beat all four plus the champion he should be around lvl 53-54. if u want u can redo the pokemon league to trainhim

Now head to Sky Pillar and go meet Rayquaza. (to get pass the holes in the ground a practised alot on cycling road by getting a time under 9:30 and no crashes.

To catch rayquaza use kyogre to bring him down to the red and watch out for his rest and outrage. and trow him ultraballs then timer balls u should catch him, this mite take several tries to do but don't use ure master ball.

Now to catch Latias, run around the hoenn region and when u run into him, he will just run away i am not sure if u can battle him again so use ure master ball. U can also use wobbuffet whoes special abelity doesn't allow pokemon to run away, but i don't reccomend that cuz if he faints u might not be able to catch him before he flees.

* I have mentionned alot the timer balls, and this is now to get em:

- Fly to verdentuff and take the passage that goes beteen verdentuf and rustbody when u come out the guy u saved from team aqua in petalburg forest will be there.

- talk to him, he will start blabing and leave know go to the pokemart in rustboro u will be able to buy timer balls and repeat balls

easy day care level up
Step 1
put the Pokemon's in the day care that you want to level up in the day care

Step 2 Find a mud slide i use the one in the desert

Step 3 you need go get a Luca band and put in over the up arrow and get something like a real stone and loop it in the rubber band and the game boy

Step 4
Leave it over night and go to the day care in the morning

sumber : www.neoseeker.com


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